languages native language is slovak, fluent czech(C1), upper-intermediate/fluent english (B2/C1),
intermediate german (B1), basic knowledge in russian (A2)
previous responsibilities Java software development Backend (Java SE, EE, Spring, Spring Boot, JavaScript), WS (SOAP & Rest), Frontend (Swing, little JavaFX, Wicket, JSP, PrimeFaces, JavaScript), consulting, complex user support, analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation, deployment, data import.
programming languages more than twenty years of experience with Java, SQL, PlSql, XML, Json, Html/Css, JavaScript.
Basics in Python, PHP, Batch and Shell scripting, Ant
operating systems Windows 95 – 10, UNIX (Solaris), Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu)
development tools/ IDE/ Lifecycle Eclipse (previously IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans too);
Maven (previously Ant too); Git, SVN; Jenkins, SonarQube, Jira
databases I worked intensively with Oracle and MS SQL. Also i was in touch with Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
Java frameworks/libraries/ tools Java SE, JEE / Spring; Hibernate, Apache ActiveMQ, Swing, JMS, JNDI, DOM, SAX, Apache POI, Commons, JUnit, JMock, Tomcat, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle AS,  many more
remote maintenance UltraVNC, DirectVNC, TeamViewer, WinSCP, RemoteDesktop, PuTTY.
virtualisation and container VMWare Workstation (for testing Linux client installations)
others tools Total Commander, TortoiseSVN, JasperReports, WebService Studio, Atvise Builder, Liquibase, PSPad, Gimp, and many more as needed.