when not available
where For projects with part or full time home office – in and around Zvolen – Banská Bystrica / Slovakia.
For full time home office – worldwide.
what java development as freelancer, complex project support
payment hourly rate on demand
František Rudík

I have more than twenty years of experience as a Java developer, I have led and collaborated on projects in a range of industries such as the government, mobile phone telephony, energy supply, healthcare, aviation, wood processing, and of course information technology. This website provides detailed information about my past work and technical qualifications, however do not hesitate to contact me should further details be required. I am looking forward to working with you on the successful delivery of your project!

As a fast learner and an open minded person, I am used to applying my skill to new systems,  frameworks and environments. My main area of expertise is the back-end development of Java EE, Spring-based server components, front-end development (both rich client such as Swing but also thin web clients within multiple frameworks), integration/WS.. That said, I’m always looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my skills base.

I am a home-based worker and live in Zvolen in central Slovakia (Europe), I am happy to commute reasonable distance should face-to-face meetings be required. I am also willing to undertake world-wide work on projects where full-time away work pattern is available after an introductory residential training.

Curriculum vitae Curriculum vitae

Contact me via email at frantisek[at]rudik[dot]eu or LinkedIn.